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Demonic Contractor Allies turn out to be enemies

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[[Author note: !Warning!, this chapter contains bloody descriptions and violence.]]

As the attacker lifted the arm that was holding the dagger getting ready to strike what he fought to be the asleep Damian a lighting bold lighted up the room projecting his silhouette on the opposite wall. Oliver instantly reacted and jumped off his bed, graying his sword that as hug to the wall opposite to the window.

While the attacker was disturbed and surprised by the student jump of his victim, Oliver turned around and jumped forward, landing on the balcony with his sword back in its sheath while the attackers head fell to the floor without he had the time to react.

Oliver had just used a quick draw technique composed made of 3 motions that are executed in a millisecond, the first motion he unsheathes the sword, second motion he jumps forward to the enemy while wielding a kill strike, thirdly and lastly he sheathes his sword back.

He then proceeded to an examination of the corps... the corps had nothing that could help identify it, the assailant was simply wearing a full black set with a hood and his pockets were empty.

That would only be true if Damian wasn an imperial army expert as he always had the dream to join it, the knife of the attacker was a model that was created for the imperial knights it was one of their emblems as it was made of pure silver and was only efficient against demons. This knife being used against could only mean one thing, he had been discovered one way or the other.

His mid was racing to find, at which moment he could have been given himself away, but was stopped by a burning arrow being fired directly at him. Oliver dogged it at the last moment, and it went flying into his room, putting his bed on fire.

Oliver ran out of the room and notice smoke coming from under almost all the rooms doors, meaning he wasn the only one targeted. If all they wanted was to do is kill him, they wouldn have put fire to the house, it would be enough to send a wet 4-star aura user imperial knights to kill him. Their true goal must be the destruction of the Salvatore noble clan, but why would they do something like that? The Salvatore noble clan members had all dedicated their lives to protect the empire from demons.

The answer was simple, the emperor was scared of the Salvatore clan as they had a privet army of 1 million solder, they were not simple foot soldiers but veterans that had fought countless battles against demons and were all at list 2-star aura users.

The Emperor had just waited for a reason to start a total annihilation of the clan head, all the minor branch heads and the different heir to make sure no one can try to rightfully reclaim the position of head of the noble clan.

The reason was given by Arthur the older brother sibling of the man branch of the Salvatore noble house, pushed by greed he revealed events that happened 3 years before during the first vampire subjugation of Damian.

Arthur had witnessed his brother struggling against the demonic beast and had chosen not to intervene as it will remove a potential opponent for the heir position, he had then seen how his brother saved himself by touching the monster with his bare hands that had been kept under gloves for 2 years.

Arthur had then kept it secret from everyone and succeeded in learning that his brother had done made gloves with the inside coated in silver. He had instantly made the link with the Infernos power of corruption that could only be stopped by silver.

He had then suspected his brother of being a demon and started adding silver to his brother every meal but with no result, his brother was not getting weaker with each tasing day but even stronger as he was doing a hellish training daily.

Arthur had then stopped his investigation as he had reached a dead end and the different information he had collected didn make sense with each over, two pointed in one direction while the last opposed theme.

After 2 years past, Arthur position was even more endangered as his brother was now referred as one of the prodigies of his age in the continent.

He then decided to contact the emperor using his rank of first for the position of heir and reveled only the information he had that made of his brother a demon, he made a deal with the emperor that stipulated that hes brother would be publicly discovered as a demon and that he had the emperors full support for the heir position.

The emperor had indeed made all the heads and heir of the minor family branches come, but it wasn to discredit Damian for being a demon but to kill them all including Arthur himself, he had been blinded by greed and had costed not only hi downfall the also those of the hole clan.

Oliver didn know why, but instead of running away and save his life, he felt like he absolutely should save Damians sister Amelia. He couldn resist the unknown force that was making him run to the direction of Damians sister room. For an unknown reason his heat was filled withe worry to the brim even if he had just met her and didn have any special interaction with her apart for the lunch argument.

Oliver took a turn at an intersection to find himself the in front of 2 assassins that were looking for potential survivors that were trying to flee. Oliver didn let them time to get into a defensive stance as he speeded even more his paste and jumped while doing a downward heavy swing, cutting his head open. Killing the over with a two-handed swing to the left before he could change his stance, cutting thought him till the mid of the chest.

As he continued running, a question posed in his mind, how do those small-time assassins seceded to kill the minor branch clan heads that were all at lest 3 stars aura users or 3 circles magicians? The drinks, yes he was now sure of it the only thing that he didn drink during the dinner was the alcohol, every other man present at the table had drank some between some meals to ease their digestions.

The imperial army generals had ended mad one of their spies placed in the kitchens to add a very powerful drug that made people fall in a deep sleep where they can sense the presence of an attacker until he gets one meter close to them whether they are 6-stars and below aura user or a 6 and below circle magician. One meter being a distance at witch the victim doesn have the time to react as they get stabbed.

There was only one problem left, the family head. Damian father was an 8-stars aura user, he could not be drudged, the only way to defeat him was for 5 of the 7-stars imperial generals to attack his father at the same time.

Oliver had been running for 15 minutes but had still not riches Damians sister as he had to change path multiple times because of the holidays being broken down or on fire, while doing so he had killed 7 assassins that he had come across.

While searching for a path that could lead him to Amelia, he came across Damians father room. What he witnessed was a vision of our destruction, the walls were cut open in different direction and in the middle of the room stranded Damians father withe 4 poles traversing him in all kind of directions.

There was a bearably recognizable general that had been cracked again one of the wall while there was what seemed to be another general cut in half at the same time of the wall behind him, another one had been another had been pushed under the floor withe only his broken in half head exposed the last two had been skewer together to the ceiling with one of their one poles.

Oliver didn fell sorry for Damians father but proud of having the honor of being his son for one day, even after dying he was still standing proudly and had even deleted all his 7 stars aura user enemies being an 8-stars aura user. In reality0 the power of people is multiplied times 4 each time a star is obtained, Damians father had the strength of 65536 while the generals had a combined strength of 81920 if a normal humans strength is 1.

Oliver took his father sword as it was better that his on and continued to search for Damians sister, he found a safe path and after struggling in the stairs that were mostly covered in flames he got into the womens wing of the mansion, and he was now at the 2 floor.

Oliver opened the door to find the room empty and traces of a fight, it looked like she was not killed but kidnapped by an assailant, Oliver looked in all the over rooms only to find dead maids. The more he kept going down, the more corps of the mansion personnel were pilled up.

Oliver arrived at the first floor and headed voices coming from the dining hall, he cautiously walked to the hall and peaked threw it, in the hall was one of the last two generals still alive. He was talking to a man that was lying on the floor. This man was non-over than Arthur that had beaten to deaths door after helping the emperor in his plane to exterminate the Salvatore house.

He then saw a young girl that was gagged and had the hands tied behind her back, it was Amelia, Oliver headed his two swords and dashed using a footwork technique called light walk. In reference for it allowing you to walk as fast as light travels if you master it perfectly, withe Damian level of the technique he could go 45 kilometers.

Oliver knew it will be impossible with his current level to fight in any way against the enemy, so he used his swords to create wind currents as he speeded and released them at the enemies face, so he could take Amelia and run.

Unfortunately, things went haywire the moment Oliver entered the hall, the door closed itself and Oliver was immobilized half the way to Damians sister. What he didn know was that this general was the master in the art of predicting and controlling the action of the enemies, and that exactly what he had done to Oliver.

He had bated him using his sister and had left her non-attended while he was supposedly distracted by Arthur, and as Oliver entered he activated a door binding spell and walked over an immobilizing formation.

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